Dare to challenge yourself?

Whether you are an accomplished runner looking to reach the next level or a complete beginner looking to embark on a new adventure we have the knowledge and expertise to help.

Our expert team of coaches have many years extensive experience at all levels of the sport from grass roots to Olympic level competition. Not only do we provide you tailored training plans, we help you understand what works best for you, assist with motivation and goal setting and provide practical nutritional advice.

…and for the ultimate motivation, our Team GB Olympians and international level athletes are available in person to train alongside at various camps we run through the year.

When Sonia approached me after the Murcia Half Marathon in January and offered her coaching services I was a little apprehensive, having only just got back to regular training and racing. Six months later, however, I have no regrets whatsoever. Sonia guided me through my first-ever marathon buildup with a combination of great advice and a relaxed attitude. She was able to build a programme of specific long runs and sessions within the training routine I had established and the series of races I had planned. When things weren’t going well (niggles, sickness, under-par races or training sessions) Sonia helped to calm me down, and on marathon day I exceeded my own expectations, smashing my initial goal of sub 2:40:00. I’ll definitely be asking for her help for marathon no. 2!

Max, Marathon runner
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We also operate group and self-guided training camps to Switzerland, Kenya & Spain

Travel to some of the best running locations in the world and run under the guidance of our team of amazing coaches. We show you how to train like a full time professional alongside many other international athletes in the most spectacular scenery.

Runstars Retreat August 2024, St Moritz, Switzerland  is now live

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Our coaching packages

Our dedicated team of coaches are ready to help you achieve your personal goals whatever you are striving to achieve. Whether you are targetting completing your first race, signing up for a marathon, achieving a specific time goal or simply starting out on your running journey we have the knowledge and advice to ensure success.

Aspiring athletes - Base service

  • Coaching consultation and introduction
  • Personal evaluation and goal discovery
  • Bespoke training plan delivered monthly
  • Monthly personal training and healthy lifestyle review (face-to-face or call)
  • Fully tailored to your needs & requirements

Aspiring athletes - Extra services

  • Extra personal feedback reviews (face-to-face or call)
  • Race advice & entry assistance
  • Cross training and gym advice
  • Practical healthy eating tips and ideas
  • How to stay motivated and achieve your goal
  • 1-on-1 personal workouts / runs (location dependent)
  • Fully tailored to your needs and requirements

Professional athletes

  • Coaching consultation and introduction
  • Personal evaluation and goal discovery
  • Bespoke training plans delivered weekly
  • Weekly training & race preparation review
  • Race agency support for major competitions
  • Strength and conditioning advice
  • Performance nutrition support
  • Performance psychology support
  • TrainingPeaks membership

Our world class team

Learn from the very best!

 Following many years of dedication to their goals, our world class team of coaches & support staff have all been involved with the sport at the very highest levels including the Olympics.

They draw on their years experience to ensure you have the very best chance to succeed in your goal.

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Learn from the best and train alongside Team GB Olympians

Are you looking to reach the next level with your running?

Are you a complete beginner looking to embark on a new adventure?

Are you in need of some healthy lifestyle advice?

Are you in need of help to set new lifestyle or fitness goals?

Whatever you wish to achieve in running, health or fitness, we are here to help!