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Runstars Retreat

St Moritz, 12-18 August 2024

We are excited to announce our 2024 edition of the Runstars Retreat. The camp is open to all those who have caught the running bug, whether you do it to keep fit, socialise or have a particular running goal in mind. St Moritz is a runners paradise and should be on your running bucket list. Even a hardened ultra-runner would not get bored with the extent of the network available. Come and join us for an unforgettable fun packed week of wellness in the spectacular and awe-inspiring St Moritz.

See our YouTube channel for highlights of the 2020 retreat.

Learn from Olympic and International athletes

Let’s talk running! The Runstars Retreat is run and operated by Olympic & International level athletes who have years of experience of living and training in a camp environment to get the very best from themselves. We would love to share our extensive knowledge on training, nutrition, race day tips, staying injury free, S&C and relaxation. We also want to know your running stories, what motivates you and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Experience the worlds most spectacular running routes

There are many miles of hard packed, wide, gravel trails right from your door with an option to run flat or over undulating terrain.  Furthermore, there are so many more trails only a short bus/train/car journey from St Moritz centre, towards either Pontresina, Samedan, Morterasch, Sils, Silverplana and/or Champfer. These locations can also be accessed via the running trails for longer runs.

Share training sessions with like-minded people

At the business end of things we will have group runs to explore and share the best of the St Moritz trails as well as the opportunity to do group sessions either at the track or off road. This will also include a short  10 minute train ride to check out the Morterasch and Val Roseg Glaciers. For those of you who are up for it you could also dip the legs in the lake to freshen things up.

Get Competitive

For those of you feeling super competitive there will also be the opportunity to compete in the annual Sommerlauf which takes in 25k off multi-terrain from Sils through St Moritz and on to Samedan. Race entry, transfer to start and a free T-shirt are all included in the price.

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Runstars Retreat Package

£1500per person
  • 7-nights luxury Swiss-style Chalet accommodation
  • Daily guided coaching sessions from our Olympic & International level coaches
  • Regular advice and Q&A sessions on all topics related to training and preparation
  • Yoga session led by a world-leading expert
  • Free entry into the Engadin Sommerlauf 25km trail race
  • Welcome meal with perfomance nutrition advice
  • Outdoor BBQ and lake swim (weather permitting)
  • Complimentary Spa session at Ovaverva
  • Free funicular transport to the top of the Engadin valley

Runstars aim to tailor the retreat to suit everybody’s running and social needs. Whether you want to experience ultimate wellness in the serenity of St Moritz, learn how Olympians and top level athletes prepare for major championships or have a specific goal you are striving for, we will adapt the itinerary for you.

Here is a sample schedule

Day 1: Group welcome meal.
Use this opportunity to get to know the team and the other runners on the retreat. We can also discuss running options and answer any questions or concerns you have about the week ahead.

Day 2 am: Explore the worlds most beautiful running trails
Distance, pace & timing can be fully tailored to your ability. Whether you want to experience stunning lakes, endless forest trails or raging mountain streams, St Moritz has it all.

Day 2 pm:  Coffee & Cake
A trip to St Moritz would not be complete with a good coffee date and a sample of the famous Engadiner Nusstorte. There is even a chocolate version for the chocolate lovers among us. We can use the afternoon to discuss the days training and any areas of self improvement.

Day 3 am: Mindful yoga experience with a stunning sunrise
We work with a world leading yoga guru who will guide you through a series of routines to ensure you have the very best start to the day. Once your senses are awake, we will then head out on a group training run

Day 3 pm: Panorama Extravaganza
We take a trip up the funicular to Muottas Muragl where you will experience one of the most stunning Alpine panoramas in Switzerland, if not, the world.

Day 3 pm: Performance nutrition
We all come together with our favourite dishes for dinner. Whilst we sample everyone’s culinary delights we can discuss all things nutrition and share ideas and advice. Subject to availability we also have a foraging expert who can showcase nature’s endless options.

Day 4 am: Track Workout
This is where the magic happens! Learn how to get the most out of yourself & how to approach critical workouts. The track in St Moritz is the central hub for all international athletes preparing for championships, so bring your camera.

Day 4 pm: Go and explore
Free time to explore the surroundings – maybe you want to hire a boat or paddle-board, head up one of the local cable cars or simply relax reading a book in the beauty of the mountains.

Day 5 am: Glacier Hunting
We will run up the Morterasch or Val Roseg valleys to the snout of the glaciers. These are possibly the most spectacular runs you will find anywhere in the world. Furthermore they haven’t yet been over-run by the Instagram generation and the trails to reach them are very gentle and accessible to all abilities of runner.

Day 5 pm: Mirrored lakes
An optional run past the numerous mirrored lakes of Sils, Champfer and Silvaplana

Day 6 am: Sunrise on top of the world
We will take an early cable car up to Piz Nair. Once we’ve snapped some great pictures stretching in the beautiful sunrise we will then explore some of the high trails, including St Moritz’s own purpose built high-altitude running route around a small glacial tarn

Day 6 pm: Spa relaxation
As it’s race day tomorrow, we will optimise recovery visiting the Ovaverva Spa where you can relax in heated outdoor pools with soothing massage jets whilst gazing at the surrounding views

Day 7 am Race Day
The Sommerlauf 25km is a point to point trail race running from Sils to Samedan taking in many of the trails we’ve ran on over the past week. All abilities are welcome at this extremely friendly & motivational event

Day 7 pm Open water swim, BBQ & Beer
We finish the trip with a relaxing open water swim in another worlds ‘most beautiful’ location; Lej Staz. Unlike most of the lakes in the area this one is not fed by glacial melt-water and is surprisingly warm (or at least not ice cold). Weather permitting, we can also finish with a celebratory BBQ

The mirrored lakes of Sils and Silvaplana

On top of the world

A warm glacial run

Travelling St Moritz Style

Endless trails

Where the magic happens

The most beautiful run in the world

You will stay in luxurious and modern, Swiss-style chalets. Each chalet is fully self contained with it’s own en-suite and kitchen area. Twin and triple rooms are available. If you are travelling solo, then Runstars will help find you a fellow running buddy to share the experience.

Key features:

  • Modern swiss style chalets
  • Fully equipped kitchen area with all the essentials to cook your own meals
  • En-suite bathroom with shower
  • WiFi
  • Laundry (in the building)
  • Towels, bedsheets & toiletries all provided

What is included:

  • 7 nights luxury, chalet-style accommodation on a self catering basis.
  • Special welcome evening meal for all campers with the Runstars Team.
  • Ask the Runstars Team Q & A session on all things training, nutrition and injury advice.
  • Fully guided runs with Olympic and International level athletes.
  • Supervised and or guided track/trail sessions.
  • Yoga relaxation taster class.
  • Individual athlete pass for track/gym and local funicular access.
  • One free pass to Ovaverva Spa pool.

What is not included:

  • Flights to Zurich
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transfer by Train from Airport to St Moritz
  • Food & Drink

There is no travel insurance cover insurance included in the package. This will need to be purchased by you.

Flights are not included in the price. There are a number of airlines and airports which travel to Zurich Airport

There is no transfer from the airport included in the package. We highly recommend taking the train up to St Moritz. It will be the most spectacular train ride you will experience taking in the views of the Abula Pass. It is approximately 3 hours from the airport to St Moritz Bad and includes a change of train in Zurich main station and Chur. Having made the trip many times the connections are extremely well timetabled. We can help you with any further questions you may have

Having visited St Moritz several times we find there is no need to rent a car. There are shops and cafes within walking distance from the apartment with a vast network of running trails from the door. The athletics track is 400m away and free to use. Furthermore, if you did want to go further afield to try other trails or venture to cheaper supermarkets the public transport system is extremely well developed, regular and, as we are in Switzerland, unbelievably punctual.

The rooms are twin or triple rooms but if you do not have another running buddy to bring along we can pair you with another runner.

Each room has it’s own kitchen area equipped with stove top, oven, refrigerator, utensils and all other essential items.

All levels of runners are welcome on the retreat. Runstars want to share their passion for running and everything we share in common such as socialising, well-being and challenging yourself.

The accommodation is on a self-catering basis although Runstars will provide a complimentary welcome meal to bring everyone together.

There is a Coop 800m from the apartment, although a little expensive it has a wide range of excellent quality fresh local produce. Alternatively there is another small supermarket near the track. Denner does not offer a wide range of fresh produce but can be worth a trip to see what is on offer.

There are washing machines and drying facilities in the basement of the building for you to use.

You’re in Switzerland so public transport doesn’t get much better than this! Both the trains and buses run along the 3 main valleys where you will do all of your running (unless you decide to run to the top of a mountain!). They’re also really frequent and so it’s really handy if you want to explore further afield and then return by bus/train

If you just want to pop into town or to the bakery there is a shared communal bike available to use. If you are looking to go further afield and explore some of the trails or mountain passes there are several shops where you can hire road and mountain bikes by the hour or for the day.


  • A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking.
  • Full payment is due 12 weeks prior to commencement of the retreat to secure your place on the retreat.

Guest obligations

  • All guests must arrange their own travel to St Moritz to arrive in time for the evening meal on the first day of the retreat.
  • We deem adequate travel insurance to be an essential pre-requisite prior to booking with us. Please ensure you have cover in place and that you are covered for all types of activity that you plan to participate in whilst on the retreat.
  • We also highly recommend ensuring all guests have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card gives you access to state funded health care in these countries at a reduced rate or free of charge. You can obtain your EHIC though the NHS website.
  • Whilst we cater for all levels of fitness and ability and do our very best to keep people within their limits, running at altitude is a particularly demanding activity. Some of the activities will also take part at altitudes close to 3000m. It is guest’s responsibility to ensure they are suitably fit and healthy and have undertaken any necessary medical screening
  • All guests must declare any relevant health conditions and/or allergies to us prior to departure
  • The retreat operates in the high Swiss Alps where the weather can be very unpredictable even in the summer months. All guests must come prepared for the conditions and ensure they have suitable clothing, equipment, provisions and any necessary medication to participate in our activities safely.
  • All guests participate in activities at their own risk
  • Guest accommodation is in twin roomed apartments. Any guests travelling alone accept they may share an apartment with a guest of the same gender.

Cancellations and amendments to activities

  • Any guest may cancel 12 weeks prior to departure and receive a full refund minus 10% deposit.
  • Guest cancellations made within 12 weeks of the retreat departure date may not be liable to any refund of monies paid.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the retreat at any time due to exceptional circumstances. In such a situation we will provide a full refund of all monies paid to us. However we cannot be held liable to any out of pocket costs you may have incurred with other companies. We advise you to ensure this is covered by an appropriate travel insurance policy prior to booking with us
  • Various activities listed on the retreat are provided by third parties to which we have no control. If they cancel and/or amend any of their services in a way that makes it impossible for us to offer the activity, we will not be liable in such circumstances. We will however endeavour to arrange a suitable alterative where possible.
  • Entry to the Engadiner Sommerlauf race is down to the race organisers discretion and subject to available spaces at the time of booking.
  • The weather in the high Swiss Alps can be notoriously unpredictable even in the Summer months. We cannot be held liable for any activities on the camp that are not possible due to prevailing weather conditions. We will however endeavour to be as flexible as possible to make the most of the best spells of weather during the camp.

Videos from Runstars Retreat 2020

Important note: Please be sure to watch in full 4k mode for the best effect (toggle the ‘quality’ setting in the bottom right of the YouTube widget)