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Project Description

Sonia Samuels

In 2016, 25 years after Sonia started, she finally realized her dream of becoming an Olympian – competing in the Rio marathon. Ever since starting out running at age 12, Sonia has revelled in the challenge to become the very best she can be. Her love for the sport is highlighted by a strong desire to keep training incessantly whatever hurdles are thrown in the way.

Sonia has represented Great Britain and England on many occasions since her debut in 1997 and is proud to boast representative honours across all surfaces (Road, XC and track). Outside of the Olympics, she came 5th at the 2018 Commonwealth Games (marathon) and 16th at the 2013 World Championships (marathon). She is also the UK’s 8th fastest marathon runner of all time with a personal best of 2:28.04.

Sonia would love to share her wealth of experience and knowledge to help you realise your dream, whatever that may be.

Outside of running Sonia is passionate about good healthy, fresh food and optimal nutrition. She loves cooking up new recipes with whatever is fresh and in-season. Sonia is keen to share her favourite nutritious recipes with you to aid recovery and fuel your goals.

Work hard in silence, let success be your noise

  • Started running at 12 years old – I live and breath my number one passion every day
  • Finally achieved my dream of becoming an Olympian in 2016 over the marathon (25 years of trying)
  • UK’s 7th fastest marathon runner of all time (2:28.04)
  • Love cooking up exciting recipes with my home grown garden veggies
Event Time
Marathon 2:28.04
Half Marathon 72:20
10,000m 32:39
5000m 15:44
  • 5th 2018 Commonwealth Games marathon
  • 30th 2016 Olympic marathon
  • 7th 2014 Commonwealth Games 10,000m
  • 16th 2013 World Championships marathon
  • 8th UK all time marathon best
  • British marathon champion (2015)
  • British 10,000m champion (2011)
  • British Universities Cross Country champion (2001)
  • 2 times European Cross Country team champions (2014 & 2015)
  • National Junior Cross Country champion (1997)
  • 7 times National Cross Country medalist
  • 3 times World cross country championships representative